Paddling and Sailing Trimarans

Sailing on Van Damme

Canoe Tri is about being in this picture. Like most beautiful coast, this bit of Northern California has no easy access. One must portage a boat over a difficult path to launch it, or arrive by sea in a yacht that is quite inappropriate for poking around in shallow places.
Secret Harbor Boatworks has a 35 year history of building boats for places like this, full of kelp, wind holes, sneaky waves and hidden reefs. The water teems with life due to upwelling currents bringing abundant nutrients. The place is Magic. You could kayak it or blast around in a Zodiac, but we say the only way to really touch the magic is to paddle and sail together, blending the two from moment to moment.
We’ve dreamed up a serious adventure, AIIWAI!, that links up a lot of places like this. It involves shorepeople, feeding oneself, boatbuilding, and sequestering carbon. Truly one of a kind. Contact us, we value your comments.